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September 2007      
Topics of Trust, Leadership & Legacy

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From Football to Formula One: How Scandals Will Scar Your Legacy

Even if you are not a serious sports fan, it would have been hard to escape at least some of last week’s news coverage of a spying scandal involving one of the leading teams in professional sports. The largest fines and the most severe penalties in the history of the sport were levied in connection with the unauthorized acquisition and gathering of information about one team by another.

To those of you who have immediately filled in the name of Coach Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots of the National Football League, think again.

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Legacy Thinking: How To Create A Lasting Difference Through Your Leadership

Most of us never deliberately attempt to learn much about the full scope and scale of our influence at work. Our legacy is something we think of only at the end of our tenure at a firm, or when we're on the cusp of retirement.

What's more, when we do look back, we often measure success in terms of how we helped increase market share, how many new markets we helped the firm enter, or how well we met quarterly sales targets. We rarely see how our work has also influenced people.

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