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Regina Maruca and Robert Galford
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Robert M. Galford is a managing partner of the Center for Leading Organizations. He divides his time between teaching executive education programs and working closely with senior executives at the world’s leading professional and financial organizations on the issues that lie at the intersection of strategy and organization. He has taught executive programs at the Columbia University Graduate School of Business, the Kellogg Graduate School of Management, and most recently at Harvard University. Earlier in his career, Rob was executive vice president and chief people officer of Digitas, a marketing services firm based in Boston. He was also vice president of the MAC Group and its successor firm, Gemini Consulting. He is coauthor of The Trusted Advisor and The Trusted Leader. Follow Rob on Twitter.

Regina Fazio Maruca is a writer and editor based in Sandwich, Massachusetts. She specializes in books and articles that focus on leadership, marketing, and organizational issues. Her clients have included Accenture and McKinsey & Company. She was formerly a principal at the Center of Executive Development in Boston, where she helped develop curricula for executive training programs. A veteran journalist, Regina is a former senior editor at Harvard Business Review and former associate managing editor at the Boston Business Journal and New England Business magazine.




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