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Using Your Leadership Legacy as an Educational and Leadership Development Resource

Two syllabi based on building leadership legacies are available.

The first syllabus, Building Leadership Legacies, covers a comprehensive, semester-long course, targeted largely at MBA and similar graduate programs for use in the areas of Leadership, Leadership Development, Organizational Behavior and/or Organizational Development. It looks closely at how successful leaders build long-term, enduring legacies, and how best to reproduce those characteristics in one’s own career and in the careers of others.

The second, shorter syllabus, Your Leadership Legacy: How to Look Toward the Future to Make You a Better Leader Today, is designed for use in either an MBA or Executive Education program. It focuses more closely on one’s own development as a leader. This set of sessions is intended to provide guidance to individuals on how to build a successful leadership legacy, and to be a better leader today. As a result, it can either be structured as a shorter course, or it can be easily integrated as a component of a broader course on individual leadership.

Both versions employ a variety of tools, including readings, case studies and self-assessments, and also offer a set of exercises to be completed that can serve as the basis of in-class discussion, small-group work, or personal reflections that serve as a culminating paper or course assignment. Finally, the authors are willing, available time permitting, to serve as session design resources, offer advice on the book’s use as a part of curricula, and furnish a set of instructional Powerpoints at no charge to instructors using the book as part of a course curriculum at accredited academic institutions.




The authors are available to work with instructors at accredited educational institutions by:

  • Delivering guest lectures
  • Conducting workshops
  • Collaborating on custom materials

Rob Galford has taught executive programs at the Columbia University Graduate School of Business, the Kellogg Graduate School of Management, and most recently at Harvard University.

Send us an for more information on working with the authors or to request the syllabus.

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