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American Association of School Administrators, The School Administrator magazine cover story - Legacy Planning: How Will You Be Remembered?

Create a Legacy that Lasts  

Mariposa: Leadership Wise Talk teleconference - Create a Legacy That Lasts

Leadership Excellence  

Leadership Excellence article Positive Influence - Advisor to Leader to Legacy.

RainToday - Legacy Thinking  

RainToday article Legacy Thinking: How To Create a Lasting Difference Through Your Leadership

World Future Society  

World Future Society review of Your Leadership Legacy

Boston Herald  

Boston Herald and Boston Women's Business Journal article Leave a legacy via career-long thinking


Management-Issues article The introspective leader's advantage

Knowledge Board  

Knowledge Board named Your Leadership Legacy its book of the month.

Investor's Business Daily  

Investor's Business Daily, Building up your Legacy (registration required). "Rob Galford viewed as a gift the actions of Enron's Jeffrey Skilling, WorldCom's Bernie Ebbers and other casualties of recent high-profile corporate scandals..."

HBR IdeaCast  

Harvard Business Review blog post and IdeaCast,™ discussion with Rob Galford on legacy thinking, including the potential legacy of Indra Nooyi, the new CEO of Pepsico.

CIO Insight  

CIO Insight, Q&A with Robert Galford

CEO Refresher  

CEO Refresher review of and article adapted from Your Leadership Legacy

Biz Book Talk  

Biz Book Talk review of Your Leadership Legacy

Emerging Leader  

Emerging Leader review of Your Leadership Legacy

Your Clients and Your Leadership Legacy  

Law Marketing Portal article: Your Clients and Your Leadership Legacy

Manage Smarter  

Manage Smarter, review of Your Leadership Legacy

Management Consulting News  

Management Consulting News, interview with Rob Galford and Regina Maruca

Leadership Tools  

Leadership Tools review of Your Leadership Legacy

Quality Digest  

Quality Digest review of Your Leadership Legacy


WebCPA, review of Your Leadership Legacy

Harvard Business School Publishing  

Harvard Business School Publishing Conferences, Impact: Why Your Leadership Legacy Matters Today - A conversation with Robert M. Galford, 11/7/06

Trusted Advisor Associates  

Trusted Advisor Associates, review of Your Leadership Legacy

The Engaging Brand  

The Engaging Brand, podcast interview with Rob Galford and blog post.

Redmond Channel Partner  

Redmond Channel Partner, review of Your Leadership Legacy


Treasury Executive Institute, talk on 11/1/06

The Investing Revolution


The Investing Revolution radio program, Finding Your Trusted Advisor


Execunet review of Your Leadership Legacy

Expertise Marketing  

The Marketplace Master newsletter from Expertise Marketing: Leadership Legacies in Professional Services: Distinguishing Your Goals from the Expectations of Others


Rich Marcello, former Senior VP & General Manager, Business Critical Servers at HP blogged about his legacy in "Escalating Violence."

Conference Calls Unlimited  

Zane Safrit, the CEO of Conference Calls Unlimited, blogs about his legacy in What's frequency got to do with leadership legacy?


Nick Jacobs, CEO/President of Windber Medical Center and Windber Research Institute blogs about his legacy in The Leadership Legacy,

The Business Shrink  

The Business Shrink, interview with Rob Galford

800 CEO READ  

800 CEO-READ excerpt of Your Leadership Legacy


SYNNEX Canada  

Jim Estill, the leader of SYNNEX Canada discusses his legacy in his blog

Brookings Institution  

The Brookings Institution, Rob Galford to talk during the Executive Leadership in a Changing Environment course for government executives. 9/06

Voice America Business  

Voice America Business, Mapping Your Future with Monika Moss interview with Rob Galford.


Council for Ethics in Economics, list of recommended books.

Financial Management Network

SmartPros' Financial Management Network video interview with Rob Galford.
Click to watch (Windows Media file, 26:51)


Top-Consultant.com articles:
Leaders look to the future for better leadership today
The right time to think about your legacy

Advance Praise

“After reading Your Leadership Legacy, any leader would wish that they had read it at the start of their career. It’s a book that actually forces you to think how your day-to-day actions are molding your eventual measure as a leader. By planning for the impact you will have on your people and your organization, you become a better leader today.”

--Thomas C. Leppert, Chairman and CEO, The Turner Corporation

“This important and useful book goes to the heart of leadership today. It challenges thoughtful leaders to ask themselves not just what it takes to get ahead but, more importantly, what it means to leave something lasting behind.”

--Alan M. Webber, Founding Editor, Fast Company

Your Leadership Legacy should inspire many leaders to empower the people who matter at work, at home, and in their communities. Galford and Maruca will teach you how to learn as much from your leadership mistakes as from your successes.”

--Carol Goldberg, President, The AVCAR Group, Ltd.




  Praise for Robert Galford's
earlier books:

The Trusted AdvisorThe Trusted Advisor by David Maister, Charles Green, and Robert Galford

“Of the vast array of how-to books of consultants of all kinds, few are as helpful, as valuable, as The Trusted Advisor.”
Bruce Marcus, The Marcus Letter

“…a brilliant - and practical – book…”
Tom Peters, author of Re-imagine!

“…engaging, enjoyable and absolutely on target. It is packed with truth.”
William F. Stasior, former Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Booz Allen Hamilton

The Trusted LeaderThe Trusted Leader by Robert Galford and Anne Siebold Drapeau

“Galford and Drapeau take a highly practical approach to helping you remain--or become--a trusted leader.”
Entrepreneur Magazine

“… succeeds in distilling what the authors readily admit is an "intangible:" the essence of great leadership.”
Publisher’s Weekly

“This highly useful guide to leading by building and mobilizing trust is at once pragmatic and inspiring.”
Carl Stern, CEO of Boston Consulting Group